my-iWallet: bio-security software

The website “” looks oldfashioned but the product promises to be futuristic: Web logon and virtual drive access software that protects your passwords, account details and other sensitive data through biometric identification.  You can scan your finger, face or voice to gain access to your online account.  This eliminates the issue of key loggers and other spyware.  The iWallet is integrated with Internet Explorer (only?) and has a “System Tray application” (sounds fancy, right?).

Just make sure you comb your hair before you scan your face.  And ladies, tough decision: to log in with or without make-up.


Now available in version 2.4 (although the website copyright only indicates 2009 as latest update year).  Special offer: $29 for the basic version!


And don’t forget to turn on your speakers when pressing the menu options… Oh, and to the editors of the website: it’s iwaLLet, not iwaLet 😉

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