iWhat? i-confused!

Everything is “i” nowadays. Let’s make sure WE keep understanding each other.  What should be the proper definition of the iWallet? Is it a software application, a gadget, a service? Give your own definition and get an ipatent on it.  Thank you for making the world a better place.
The iWallet confusion
What is the iWallet? Solve the iWallet confusion.
The iWallet is used to describe different services and products.  Apple has a reputation for i-products.  However, the iWallet is in use as a name throughout the world.  Ghana has an iWallet system since 2007.   There are hundreds of iWallets that protect your smartphone while keeping your credit cards at hand.  Online payment systems are developped referring to iWallets or electronic walllets.  The App store and Android stores are full of iWallet apps.  There has never been a name for an iDevice that has created so much confusion and was never claimed as a registered trademark.
Who will finally win the name game that will define the word iWallet once and for all? Tell us what the first thing is that comes up in your mind and hopefully we can quickly solve the iWallet confusion in the world.

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